Víctor Mahana (Santiago de Chile, 1977)

Víctor Mahana is a chilean born Santiago based painter, who since 1999 has made more than 65 exhibitions, 12 solo shows and 53 collective exhibitions over USA (New York, Miami, Washington DC), Chile (Santiago), Canada (Toronto) and Belgium (Gent). Featuring his solo show at the National Museum of Fine Arts (MNBA) Chile, Lineart Art fair, Gent Belgium and Art Toronto Art Fair, Canada.


2005 Edward W. Said Award by Belén 2000 Foundation, Santiago, Chile.
2004 2 Gold Medals from ACHAP, Chilean Association of Advertising. Best Graphics and Campaign (Ogilvy) Santiago, Chile.
2002 Art Friends Fellowship, Santiago, Chile.
2000 Third price, Palestine views from Chile. Palestine Club, Santiago, Chile.


His work is well known worldwide, is part of several international collections: United States (New York, Washington DC, Miami, Hawaii, Seattle, Tampa, Connecticut, Ohio), Canada, England, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Spain (Barcelona and Valencia), Belgium, Holland, Argentine, Palestine, Peru, Mexico (DF), China (Beijing) and all over the country in his homeland Chile.


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Represented in Miami, EE.UU. by Alfa Gallery